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Candi Steiner – What He Doesn’t Know

Holy heck ladies, What He Doesn’t Know, is one hell of a ride! This is the kind of love triangle you just can’t stop yourself from diving into. You start reading, and the next time you look up it’s three in the morning, your cat is pawing at your leg – claws out – to tell you off for not feeding him, and your husband is moody because he thinks you weren’t looking after him. And what know what? This book is worth it!

And with a 4.8 average after 200 reviews on Amazon – I guess everyone agrees with m! As always with a Kandi Steiner read this is one intense emotional roller coaster. It’s definitely not a light read – you want to set some time aside for this one. But trust me, it’s more than worth the effort…

From the book page:

“KANDI IS AN EVIL GENIUS!! My heart is in the bottom of my stomach and I feel like I’ve been holding my breath during this whole book. WHOA! What a f*cking PHENOMENAL heart stopping story!” — Chele, 4 the Love of Books

“With emotion, blurred lines between right and wrong, and a heart wrenching romance, you have to pick up What He Doesn’t Know.” — Jessica, Peace Love Books

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