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R.R. Banks – The Wedding Proposal

Steam Rating: 4.5 stars

Life is being a real bitch to Cherry lately. A cheating fiancé, a lost job, and mom’s hefty medical bills are enough to send anyone in distress. Her friend encourages her to apply for a role of secretary at a prominent firm. She gets hired and isn’t too thrilled when she comes face to face with Gabriel Reed.

Gabriel Reed who used to be her brother’s best friend.

Gabriel Reed who was so devastatingly handsome that her 18 years old self tried seducing him.

Gabriel Reed who turned her down coldly and broke her heart.

Gabriel Reed who never checked on her family after her brother died in a tragic accident.

The worst bit is, he’s still annoyingly handsome AND HER BOSS.

Gabe has his own problems, he’s received an ultimatum: Mend his ways, get a wife and a child within a year else he won’t inherit the company.

He can’t believe Cherry has grown up to be such a beautiful young woman. He remembers the night too well when she turned up in that sexy lingerie. God, how hard it had been to resist but he’d made a promise to her brother.

This time, the attraction is intensified though, it’s electric…almost unbearable and soon these two form an arrangement that will change their lives forever…Marriage for one year, with a baby and all of Cherry’s troubles will be taken care of. It’s a sweet deal!

But what will happen after that one year? Are they prepared for the consequences?

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