Today's Book Boyfriend

Weston Parker – My First Love

#todaysbookboyfriend is the scorching hot Weston Parker, author of the brand new My First Love – a single mom romance! Girls, keep it together, but Weston is a former firefighter, and he’s got the face to back it up. And one heck of a body… Hubba hubba!

Anyone, enough about the author – as handsome as he is. I need to tell you about My First Love, which has burst its way into the Amazon top 100 with the fury of a woman scorned! But don’t worry, there’s no scorning in the hot read… With 120 five star reviews in just a couple of days, this is one of those books that sucks you in like a tornado and doesn’t spit you out until the very last page, when you’re exhausted, happy, sad, giggling and lost in a sea of emotion.

I need to let you read Emmet’s story yourself. But believe me, you won’t regret doing it!

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