House Rules for Authors

Book Boyfriends aims to be an active, enjoyable community – not an in-your-face advertising platform. We have all seen Facebook groups descend into a free-for-all of naked self-promotion – it always ends up with authors advertising to other authors, and readers running far away! Please work with us to instead build a reader-focused platform that benefits everyone by adhering to the best practices below.

  1. Be nice! Bullying, harassment and other forms of unpleasant behavior are not permitted on Book Boyfriends.
  2. Authors are responsible for the behavior of their assistants, and anyone on their team.
  3. Our users tell us they don’t just want to be advertised at. Be engaging! You can of course post book covers and teaser graphics – but please don’t just spam the platform. It’s better to engage more deeply with your readers, perhaps by posting memes, pictures, or even talking about your life.
  4. A good rule is to give five times as often as you ask for something in return.
  5. Please don’t post content with a purchase link more than once a day.
  6. Please do not attempt to access user data, whether by asking for an email address or linking to a page that contains a Facebook pixel or similar tracking cookie.
  7. Please be reasonable when posting in the Author Feed. If you post a dozen times a day, readers will get just as tired of you as we will!
  8. Book Boyfriends complies with all applicable intellectual property legislation, so please ensure that you own the rights to content you post.
  9. Book promotion should be restricted to the Author Feed. This applies equally to author assistants.
  10. Please respect that the Reader Wall is designed for readers by posting here no more than once a day.
  11. Authors and assistants should not post purchase links in the Reader Wall.

Thanks for helping us make Book Boyfriends a safe and enjoyable place for everyone!